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Alloy is an advanced wheel coating formula to withstand extremely high temperatures. Its heat resistant properties make it ideal to protect wheels, brake callipers and exhaust tips. Alloy uses a silazane synthesis of siloxane polymer resin. Alloy provides protection against brake dust, road salt and is extremely hydrophobic which helps to repel water and wash away fresh contaminants and dirt, additionally it helps routine washing much easier and safer. 



Consumption (ml/car):8
Scratch Test Rating:8-9H
Contact Angle:>115
PH Tolerance:3-13
Thickness (qm):0.8-1.0
Hydrophobic durability:>12 mths
Bonding Durability:>12 mths
Water Repellency★★★★
Chemical Resistance★★★★

The resilience of siloxane polymer resin and the incredible thermal resistance of silazane work together to provide outstanding protection of alloy wheels and working metal surfaces even at the temperatures experienced by high performance cars.  



  • Forms a dense protective layer with a single coat 
  • Works at extremely high temperatures 
  • Non-flammable and easy to apply 
  • Completely VOC-free 
  • Creates a self-cleaning hydrophobic finish 
  • Resists corrosion and salt damage 
  • Prevents brake dust or soot from bonding to the metal 
  • Non-flash formulatio

‘Alloy’ is a protective coating for alloy wheels, brake callipers, exposed exhaust elements and other metal pieces. Even at temperatures up to 400 degrees, providing long term protection from corrosion and discolouration. It even prevents the adherence of salt, dirt and brake dust, making cleaning fast and easier.