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Feron is created from a special blend of silazane, special polymers and metal oxides which allows the creation of coatings with beneficial properties such as thermal stability and high mechanical strength with optical thermal and barrier protection. The added metal oxide is also known to repel UV and lower surface thermal temperatures, this helps to reduce chemical reactions of substances with UV or heat. 

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Consumption (ml/car):25-30
Scratch Test Rating:8-9H
Contact Angle:>115
PH Tolerance:3-12
Thickness (qm):0.8-1.0
Hydrophobic durability:>24 mths
Bonding Durability:>36 mths
Water Repellency★★★★
Water Spotting Reduction★★★★
Chemical Resistance★★★★

The nanotechnology enhanced ceramic oxide coating forms an invisible .25 micron thick protective layer over your paintwork, preventing damage from UV rays, chemicals, oxidation, microscopic scratches and swirls, and even water spots. 

What sets Feron apart from similar products is the inclusion of a special polymer based ingredient, intensifying the scratch-filling effect and producing a truly dramatic high gloss effect. 


  • Forms an invisible protective coating a fraction of a micron thick 
  • Bonds semi-permanently to painted surfaces 
  • High gloss finish 
  • Reduces heat build-up 
  • Hydrophobic surface repels water 
  • Prevents adhesion of dirt, insects and corrosive chemicals 
  • Slick, high definition visual appeal 

Feron makes your vehicle resistant to fading, oxidation and microscopic physical damage. Its sub-micron protective layer is completely invisible, yet repels water and dirt with a powerful hydrophobic effect at the same time it blocks harmful UV rays and prevents excess heat build-up.