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Leather is a Siloxane based formula which is exclusively designed to be used on any vehicles leather car upholstery. A small amount of product creates a protective layer over the upholstery avoiding water, oil and other materials from soaking into the leather itself, ultimately protecting it from stains and damage.



Consumption (ml/car):25-30
Contact Angle:>115
PH Tolerance:5-10
Hydrophobic durability:>12 mths
Bonding Durability:>12 mths
Water Repellency★★★★
Chemical Resistance★★★

Leather also keeps your interior soft and pliant preserving its original look and feel at the same time as providing protection against fading, UV damage, dirt, hot and cold temperatures due to air conditioning and heated seats. Leather is created to preserve the look, leaving the interiors with a natural matte finish which is the ultimate protection all leather interiors require.


  • Safe and easy to apply 
  • Won’t stain or change the appearance of even the finest leathers 
  • Bonds with your upholstery’s surface to provide long term protection 
  • Blocks harmful UV rays, protecting the deep, rich colour of the leather 
  • Protects against sweat, fats and oils, preventing stains and discoloration 
  • Forms a hydrophobic coating, repelling dirt, water and stains 
  • Makes any leather surface easy to clean 

Disclaimer: Please note that Leather is a product designed for protection and not restoration. It will not show its full abilities on old, worn or damaged leather.