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Created as “the blast that lasts” our advanced methods mean that a little spray goes a long way with this long lasting car fragrance. Our advanced aerosol technology combined with a high level of perfume within the recipe allows for an amazing watermelon scent.

What’s your poison?

The Pandinus imperator, otherwise known as the emperor scorpion, dwells in the brooding depths of the West African rainforest. Surrounded by the tropical scents of exotic wildlife, sweltering rain and dense woodland, the emperor scorpion stalks it’s kingdom, only unleashing it’s fatal venom during battle. Nutrasmoke has combined the dark aromas of the West African rainforest to create a scent to be reckoned with. Scorpion is a potent cocktail of bitter juniper, cool sage, fresh lemon, floral lavender and elemental cedar wood, capturing the true spice of the emperor and it’s habitat. Find your sting today with Nutrasmoke’s Scorpion.