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Thorox is the most advanced coating offered by Graphenic. Infused by a breakthrough material of Graphene which is the strongest, lightest, and most conductive material based on the element of Carbon. Graphene’s tensile strength of 130 GPa makes it 100 times stronger than steel. Reduced Graphene Oxide used in Thorox is known to be highly anti-corrosion, this helps to reduce chances of etching, permanent stains and marks by substances like bug splatter, salt and acid rain. 

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Consumption (ml/car):25-30
Contact Angle:>120
PH Tolerance:2-13
Thickness (qm):0.8-1.0
Hydrophobic durability:>24 mths
Bonding Durability:>60 mths
Water Repellency★★★★★
Water Spotting Reduction★★★★★
Chemical Resistance★★★★★

Thorox delivers an ultimate pure glass gloss and extreme durability with its high chemical resistant protection. This coating is extremely slick with hydrophobic properties and durable self-cleaning abilities. Its coating system will provide extensive assistance during maintenance washes, resulting in quicker and easier washes. 


  • Low friction – resists fine scratches and swirls by reducing amount of force created during cleaning 
  • A contact angle of 125o  hydrophobic surface – repels water 
  • Extreme durability – lasts 5 years when correctly applied and maintained 
  • Stain and chemical resistance – protects your car’s finish from tree sap, bird droppings, insects and harsh chemicals 
  • UV resistance – prevents bleaching and weathering 

 Thorox infused by Graphene is an incredible substance which is essentially, a one-atom-thick sheet of linked carbon atoms. Because the atoms are bound so tightly to each other, it resists tearing, wear and even chemical damage. More importantly, it can easily be made part of modern polymer coating by reinforcing the polymer bonds, lending all of its incredible properties to the slick, wet look provided by Graphenics top ranked PDMS coating technology.