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Trim is a siloxane based formula which is designed to protect and enhance the exterior plastic and trim, restore colour enhancement and protect against UV Radiation. Trim leaves a natural satin finish and ensures a strong bond with its surface, which enhances the colour and durability. 



Consumption (ml/car)25-30
PH Tolerance:5-10
Hydrophobic Durability:>12mths
Bonding Durability:>12mths
Water Repellency★★★★
Chemical Resistance★★

This revolutionary siloxane formula provides incredible flexibility, superior thermal resistance and that all important self-cleaning hydrophobic finish. Restores oxidised, bleached and faded trim elements to a like-new appearance and it prevents further weathering.


  • Safe, alcohol-free formula
  • Forms a dense, durable coating with a single application
  • Silicon-based for superior chemical resistance and flexible barrier protection
  • Creates a self-healing, self-cleaning surface
  • Advanced formula lasts for up to 12 months, with professional application

Treating your vehicle’s trim provides a natural looking satin finish and returns worn trim elements to the deep, rich fresh-from-the-factory colour. The unique siloxane formula chemically bonds with the surface, providing long term scratch protection, resistance to UV and chemical damage.